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the chris egner design-build-remodel


The design/build concept is a departure from the "old" way of doing things, where you would hire an architect to draw the plans, then put the plans out for bid and hope that contractors can build it for something close to your budget.  In reality, a large number of projects that get designed this way never get built, as discouraged homeowners find that their architect's design far exceeds their budget.

The design/build concept is a team approach, getting the estimator involved early on in the process.  Our construction experience and " real world"  pricing knowledge helps guide the decisions made during the design process, ensuring that your final design can be built within your desired budget.

Because the design and construction of your project is in the hands of one team, there is a single point of responsibility for design, product selection, project budget, scheduling and project construction.  This allows for a smooth process for our clients, they make decisions when necessary, and know that one phone number and one team is all they will need to address any issues.  Our Clients' "wish list" and expectations are documented and serve as the foundation to produce a remodeling project that exceeds those expectations.  Furthermore, errors, misinterpretations of design and omissions by the contractor are virtually eliminated because the design & build team has the responsibility of developing the design, assisting the client with material selections and ultimately outlining the entire construction process to the build team.

our process:

1You have an Idea

You may not know if it can be done, how much will cost or how long it will take....

Contact Us

You can fill out a contact form here at the contact page or give us a call at 262.797.8818.  We will answer any questions you may have and schedule your first appointment.

2. The First Appointment

A design consultant will meet with you at your home.  This is a complimentary, no cost or obligstion consultation to introduce you to our company, answer additional questions, and to take a look at your space.  As we listen to you describe your goals, we will begin evaluating possible solution options that may be best for you, and discuss realistic budget expectations.

3Design Planning and Consultation Phase

If you would like us to proceed to create a design for you to review, an appropriate design deposit based on the  scope of the project will be determined to start this exciting phase which will create a 3D computer drawing (rendering)  of your project to help you visualize the finished project.  This deposit is typically 1% to 5% of the construction budget based on the complexity of the project.   The entire design deposit will be credited toward the cost of your projects construction, costing you nothing in the end

Detailed measurements and photographs of your existing home will be taken to allow your designer to begin working from an accurate plan.  From this point, it will typically take 2 to 3 weeks to generate the preliminary plans for your first look at our proposed design.

4. The Design Presentation

During the first design presentation you will quickly see how your new custom plan addresses your goals and wish-list items.  Floor plans, elevations, and photo realistic renderings will help you visualize and understand your new space, while the specifications will provide an initial cost analysis of the proposed plan.

Next, we will make any necessary revisions based on your feedback from the design presentation.  Once the final changes have been approved and you feel comfortable the project will achieve your goals, we move into the next  phase of the project.

5The Construction Agreement

This agreement maps out the actual scope of work based on the final design, approved specifications, any material allowances (if necessary), payment schedules, drawings and quote.  We can assist with final product and finish selections or provide you with an interior designer.  We are now ready to start construction on your project and turn the design into reality.  Your designer and project manager now work as a team to oversee the project through completion.

6The Finish Line

Our service doesn't stop once your project is complete.  Our three (3) year warranty will give you peace of mind that we stand behind our quality.